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CrossFit  (1-Hour Classes)

5am/6am/9am/10-11am(open gym) 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm

5am/6am/9am/10-11am(open gym) 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm

5am/6am/9am/10-11am(open gym) 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm

5am/6am/9am and 4:30pm/5:30pm

5am/6am/9am/10-11am(open gym) 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm


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275 Beavercreek Road, C-141
Oregon City, OR 97045
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"If you are over 50 and think CrossFit is not for you....I am proof you are wrong. Prior to joining CFOC in December 2012 my exercise routine had been reduced to "stair climbing at work" and Wii-fit Cross-training, this past June I celebrated my 52nd birthday in the middle of a burpee circle. The coaches at CFOC easily modify WODs for me so that I grow stronger/leaner without sustaining injuries. Over the past couple years life has thrown me some curveballs - CFOC has helped me improve my mental, physical and emotional fitness. All you have to do is show up!" ~Julie Bunke 

"1 year ago today, I walked into CrossFit Oregon City for the first time. I was seriously uncomfortable with my body after having Evie and just looking to get back into shape. What I have found a year later is that I'm not just "in shape", I am the healthiest I have been in my whole life. My body is functioning the way that it was built to. I love feeling strong and being proud of my body and the work that I have put into it. What I didn't intend to find was a group of friends that I now consider my family. Other couples just like us that have kids and make being healthy a priority. A 22 yr old girl that I have nothing in common with outside of the gym, but is one of my closest friends. An insurance agent and his girlfriend who we would have otherwise never met that I now can't go 3 days without talking to. A single mom from Corbett who I would walk to the end of the Earth for. I have re-connected a decade old friendship even stronger then it was before. And we have strengthened an existing relationship with our closest friends and ensured that we will all be around a little longer for all of these kids. So many friends and so many unbreakable bonds. An amazing community of people that we adore. 5 competitions under my belt and a huge goal to accomplish this summer. I love this place." ~Marti Smith

"I have been CrossFitting for 3 years and have been to many CF gyms. The exceptional attention from the coaches here is remarkable. There are other CrossFit gyms out there that just don't have the experience that the CFOC coaches have. These coaches having been CrossFitting themselves for years prior to becoming coaches and that shows in the quality and knowledge of coaching at this gym." ~Karla Martin

"Jen is so knowledgeable about proper form and fabulous at encouraging members both during and after workouts." ~Jillyn Myers

"CrossFit Oregon City is hands-down the best decision I have made in my life. Not only is there a great community feeling when you attend a class, but there are awesome coaches. The coaches are very knowledgeable and are able to train all body types. They are able to modify all workouts to fit individual needs. I was a runner and I wanted something else to add to my workouts. Not only am I stronger and in better shape, but it has made me a better runner. This November will make 2 years at CFOC. I wouldn't choose any other Crossfit in the area or any other gym. CFOC is the place that is perfect for everyone and they will push you as much or as little as you want to be. And I have made some amazing friends! So try it out...what's the worst that could happen?" ~Stacy Bunke

"As a chiropractic sports physician I focus on body mechanics and how it relates to physical activity and the mechanics of exercise. Injury prevention is a core focus in my practice and I commend the coaches at CrossFit Oregon City for their similar values and the knowledge and attention to detail in the programming as well as the hands on coaching creating a professional and safe workouts for their members". ~Dr. Ben Hokenson

"CrossFit Oregon City is the best decision I made for my health! I have struggled with my weight all of my life. I have tried every fad, diet, and workout invented to get into shape. I have joined every gym in town and out of town to find that “something” to help me tackle this struggle. It wasn’t until I met Scott and Jen, owners of CFOC, that I would realize my struggle had met its match and that “something” was them. With their encouragement, motivation, experience with both fitness and nutrition, and just overall love for what they do, I have done things that I never would imagine doing. In 4 months, I have lost 30 lbs, over 17” inches, gained strength (never thought I would lift 265lbs), and have increased my endurance (never thought I could run a 10K). Words cannot express the experience that you will receive from this gym or the gratitude that all the members share for CFOC, but they can tell you to check it out for yourself and experience it! I promise you, as a member myself, if you are still looking for that “something”, Scott and Jen have it at CrossFit Oregon City." ~Jennifer Chiaratti

"I started this past June. Since then I have lost 38 pounds and am well on my way to my goal weight. I really like the atmosphere at the gym and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an intense workout but isn't in to all the drama that can occur in other gyms". ~Mark MacDonald

"Thanks to my coaches at CrossFit Oregon City for getting me in the best shape of my life to do one of the most demanding shows I've ever done. The sold out houses and standing ovations are nice, but getting complimented on your front squat is even better!" ~Thomas Witherspoon

"Since I started working out at CrossFit Oregon City this March, I have noticed great improvements in my overall well-being. It is so encouraging to gain mental and physical strength after attacking a difficult workout and these strengths cross over in to other aspects of life. It is amazing how quickly I have noticed incredible changes in my body shape, becoming leaner and simultaneously stronger (lost a total of 25Lbs since March!!) I get such a sense of accomplishment and pride after completing my workouts, which makes me keep coming back for more! All the coaches here are an inspiration and I feel so lucky to have all my CrossFit friends in my life. I love what CrossFit has done for me! I love the "new" me." ~Tina Bremer

"A lot of fun people! It kicks your butt, but after a month, it's totally worth it." ~Anna Sovereign

"Great peple and atmosphere. Jen & Scott are positive, encouraging and great at modifying movements when needed." ~Linda Lytle

"Wanted to switch it up from the cardio-weight lifting monotony. I found it and I love it! The coaches and people are so awesome! So much teaching, support and encouragement. It has changed my life!" ~Jeannie Dye-Datria

"Amazing coaches and some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life go here. Everyone is so helpful with everything. I have been hooked since day 2!" ~Anthony Hammerschmith

"Great owners, great community! If you are in town this is a great option!" ~Jeff Mundell

"Great people, great facility, killer workouts". ~Gretchen Lee

"Worked out here as a guest a few weeks ago and loved it. Great workout, great crowd, great space. Highly recommended." ~Cortney Harding

"You won't find a better trainer anywhere!" ~Jenny Weiss