**Please CONTACT US if you are visiting from another affiliate and would like to Drop-In**


CrossFit  (1-Hour Classes)


5am/6am/9am and 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm

5am/6am/9am and 3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm/6:30pm

5am/6am/9am and 4:30pm/5:30pm



OPEN GYM times vary. Please sign up with SMS (through WODify) to receive alerts. 

275 Beavercreek Road, C-141
Oregon City, OR 97045
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March 23rd-25th

3:30-6:15PM: Open Gym
5PM: Announcement of CrossFit Games Open WOD 17.5 (Final WOD)
7:00-8:15PM: "Yin Yoga" (i.e. STRETCHING) at Forge Hot Yoga West Linn​ (arrive 30-minutes early, if you've never done yoga at Forge)

If you've already purchased the promo month from Forge, please register for class so that they know to expect us. 
FRIDAY (3/24)
6:00-8:00PM: Open Gym AND “Friday Night Lights” (see event info below; please RSVP, if you’re planning to attend)

RSVP by clicking “GOING” at the top of the event page:
9AM: CrossFit (Partner/Team WOD or "Deck of Cards")
10-11:30AM: BONUS WORK*

*I’ve been posting pre/post-WOD BONUS WORK (Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics progressions, Body Building, and Accessory work) for the past 8+ Months, available for ALL CFOC athletes to take advantage (before and/or after class). Those athletes who have been taking advantage of this FREE programming have seen great results- I would love for more of you to begin to incorporate at least some of it into your weekly routine. 

Saturday, I will provide a brief overview of the work I’ve been posting and then anyone who would like to join in will be welcome to do so. Dani and I will be doing the posted work, but will also be available to offer coaching on movements, as needed.


Thanksgiving Week

MONDAY (11/21)
Regular class times all day.

OPEN GYM: 10AM-3:30PM 
CFOC Kids*: 10:15-11:00AM

*This class will be offered on a donation base, to help Christi with expenses related to the recent death of her son Shawn. Thank you, Joy, for offering to teach this class. 

Regular class times all day.  

OPEN GYM: 1:30-3:30PM (both days)

THURSDAY (Thanksgiving Day)


Please subscribe (within your online profile) to receive WODify texts for Open Gym time being offered. This can be done on you computer only, not from the app. 

FRIDAY (Black Friday)


SATURDAY (11/26)
9AM: Regular Class 


Friday (11/18) and Saturday (11/19)

FRIDAY (11/18)


-CFOC will be open all afternoon to get in your WOD or complete one (or both) of this week's Everyday Warrior"Battle Series" Week 4 WODs
-we will be smoking TURKEY LEGS (courtesy of Oregon City Heating & Cooling) all afternoon; all CFOC athletes are welcome stop by after 2PM if you'd like to partake! 
Everyday Warrior Week 4 (WOD 1): 6:30-7:30PM
Heat 1 (Scaled): 6:45-6:55PM
Heat 2 (Rx): 7:15-7:25PM
-Sign up for your heat on the whiteboard at CFOC. 
-if you are planning to participate, please arrive no later than 6:15PM for WOD briefing and warmup. 
-Join us for turkey legs and hot cider, as we cheer on our athletes through this intense, sprint! Bring the energy! 
SATURDAY (11/19)

OPEN GYM: 8:30AM-12:30PM

8:30-10:00AM: InBody Scan
9:00-10:00AM: CrossFit 
10:30AM-12:30PM: Hip Hinge/Overhead Workshop w/Jay Villareal (PT)



This Friday, we will be honoring our CFOC Vets and others who served with a WOD (http://www.3wm.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/TheWorkout.pdf) and fundraising opportunity.

From Julie Bunke:
"In the spirit of the https://www.22kill.com/22-honor-pushups/ (their mission is to bring awareness to all the fact that 22 Veterans are killed by suicide each day) I would like to propose a push-up competition not only as a fund raiser but as a means of increasing understanding of this epidemic. My son Brandon has lost a couple of colleagues he served with to suicide and unfortunately the number of patients I see in my unit with suicide attempts and ideations has increased substantially."

-Stations will be setup for you to participate before, during, or after regular class times
-Julie will be collecting donations and judging, as needed
-For each station you participate, you will be asked to DONATE $2 CASH*
-You may make as many attempts as you would like throughout the day (5AM-6:30PM), as long as Julie or a CFOC coach confirms your score/reps

*Monies donated will go directly to the VOLUNTARY SERVICES at our local VA HOSPITAL and will be used for a wide variety of items including clothing items, hygiene items, bus passes, assistance with lodging, reading glasses, hearing aides, and the list goes on and on. Long story short they are happy to receive (and need) donations.

STATIONS (22 Reps for time):
1: Row (calories)
2: Hand Release Push Ups
3: Burpees (to a 6"+ target, above overhead reach)
4: Pull Ups
5: SkiErg (calories)

PRIZES (one winner from each station):
-Thanksgiving Pie from French Prairie Gardens (or equivalent Apple Cider, Apples or Squash)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes:
5 Hang Squat Snatch (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell

Rest 2 minutes, and then...

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes:
10 Power Cleans (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
20 Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and then...

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes:
15 Box Jump-Overs (Elite & RX = 24”/20”; Scaled – 24”/20” Step-Overs Allowed)
30 Wall Ball Shots (Elite & RX = 20/14 lbs; Scaled – 14/8 lbs) 

We will have a RUNNING CLOCK, beginning at 6:30PM. Please sign up for a heat time at CFOC and be warmed up and ready to lift when your heat clock (15-Minutes) begins. Each athlete will have 15-Minutes to determine a 1RM Snatch AND Clean & Jerk. 



8:45AM-12PM: SFH Product Sampling (Kenny from SFH - Stronger Faster Healthier)
8:30AM-12PM: InBody Scan and Movement Prep* (Jay Villareal, DPT, ATC of Therapydia Portland)

10AM-3PM: Open Gym 

3-6PM: SFH Product Sampling (Kenny Carter of SFH)/InBody Scan and Movement Prep* (Jay)
5-6PM: Nutrition Open Forum/Q&A w/Jen and Mark 
6-7PM: Supplement Talk/Q&A (Kenny)**

*Jay will be offering a 20-Minute Movement Prep "mini workshop" [related to the OVERHEAD and FRONT RACK position] prior to the 9AM, 12PM, and all afternoon/evening classes. Please arrive no later than 30-Minutes PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS if you would like to participate. You are welcome to join in even if you are not planning to workout or have already worked out. 

He will also have the InBody BODY COMPOSITION scanner at CFOC, for those of you who would like to [first time] TEST ($20) or RETEST ($15). CASH or CHECK ONLY PLEASE (he will not have his card reader available). 

InBody BODY COMPOSITION TESTING will be available during the following times, on a first come first served basis:

9-11:30AM, 3:30-4PM, 4:30-5PM, 5:30-6PM

**Kenny will be offering up knowledge related to SUPPLEMENTATION (SFH and other) for both the casual exerciser and the competitive athlete. The what, when, and why related to supplements. Bring your questions- I know you've got them!